How To Fix C471 Error Code On Toshiba E Studio 8518A 6508A, youtube mp3 indir

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How to fix C471 error code on Toshiba e-studio 8518a, 6508a..

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IH board initialization abnormality
Duplexing unit interlock switch. Fuser unit Power supply IH board LGC board
Power supply • Check if the power voltage is normal.(Is the voltage during the operation ±10% of the rated voltage?) • Connector check • Power cable check Duplexing unit interlock switch. • Switch check • Install check Thermostat • Sensor check • Install check Fuser unit • Unit check • Connector check • Harness check IH board • Connector check • Harness check • Breaker, fuse check LGC board • Connector check (CN305, CN306) • Harness check Status counter 1. [Function ], [Start ] Power ON. 2. Key in “2002”, then press [START]. 3. Change the current status counter value (08-2002) “11” to “0” 4. Turn the power OFF and then back ON. Make sure that the equipment enters the normal ready state. #toshiba #e-studio #standomation #canon